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ActiveJob and background jobs gem consideraton

In the post Use background jobs with single process, I have mentioned to the ActiveJob at the end of post. In this post, I will introduce and explain more detailed about this new feature of Rails 4.2 as well as an overview of popular background job gems. What is
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on Rails, Foreman, Procfile

Tired with starting many things? Try Foreman now!

Nowadays, almost Rails applications have more than a web process (start with rails s). They often contain a web process (rails s) and some background processes (Delayed Job, Resque...). So far so good, this helps us to improve application performance or UX. But, how can we start our application, assume
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on S3FS, AWS S3, Mount S3 Bucket, DevOps, Ubuntu

Mount AWS S3 bucket to Ubuntu file system

Do you know how people use AWS S3 if they don't have any helps from libraries (paperclip, carrierwave...) and they also don't know how to call AWS S3 API to upload file? You want to use AWS S3 to quicky store your files on cloud, how can you do? Solution
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on Terminal, Shell Script, Separated Terminal Environments

Tips to have separated linux terminal environments

I am used to get headaches to find out a solution to have additional terminal that has independent environment with the main one. I searched via Google, nothing useful (because of my bad searching skill? I don't think so). I also tried iTerm and original OSX terminal together, pray for
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on Rails, Sucker Punch, Heroku, Background Jobs

Run background jobs with single process

As we already know (almost?) that we should use background jobs to process long tasks (or even not so long task but can be processed later) to improve performance and user experience, a very common example is sending email. We often use some gems like: Delayed Job, Sidekiq, Resque... So
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