Full Stack Notes

Notes from a full-stack developer

ActiveJob and background jobs gem consideraton

Since ActiveJob allows us to choose the backend background adapter, the new question comes, what backend should I choose? DelayedJob? Resque? Sidekiq?


Tired with starting many things? Try Foreman now!

Start multiple annoyed Rails tasks easily with Foreman, stop repeating yourself!


Mount AWS S3 bucket to Ubuntu file system

Do you know how people use AWS S3 if they don't have any helps from libraries (Paperclip, Carrierwave, etc.) and they also cannot call AWS S3 API to upload file?


Tips to have separated linux terminal environments

Create separate linux terminal environments to quickly switch projects that need different variable values

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Run background jobs with single process

Use background workers for free on Heroku with single process by Sucker Punch


Hidden model attributes in Rails

Ways to hide sensitive Rails model information from rendering to JSON


Bring Rails data to javascript with Gon

Use Rails data in javascript easily and clearly in multiple ways, especially with Gon


How to skip gem documents (ri, rdoc) installation

Reduce ruby gems installation time by skipping gem documents


Make Rails 4.2 listens to all interfaces

After upgrading Rails to 4.2 and newer, you cannot access the development mode rails server from another computer/virtual machine (remote access) for testing. So, why can this happen and how to resolve it?